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jimsa's picture
Aug 2011
5 months ago

Great music and performance, thank you, Mikko!


I'd like to find out more about that guitar.  I know you have synthesized something to it, but I am most interested in the maker and model...particularly if they manufacture those lefthanded!!!!  :-)

MikkoKarhula's picture
Jul 2016
23 hours ago

Hello jimsa!


The guitar is Cordoba C7 CE. I think they are making also lefties. :)

Kindest, Mikko

jimsa's picture
Aug 2011
5 months ago

Thanks again, Mikko!



Mopar1969's picture
Oct 2007
2 weeks ago

Very Cool.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

kaicho8888's picture
San Francisco
Oct 2008
1 day ago

Oh yeah!!!  Makes me feel like dancing!

Very nice! Thank you!

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