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North Yorkshire, UK
Jun 2009
2 years ago
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Jun 2008
1 year ago

Very nice!! What a big ass guitar...love it.

Welcome to VB my Scottish friend.:cool:



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July 13, 2011

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Nov 2010
3 months ago

That was really AWESOME!! :D I love that style of playing...looking forward to your series of lessons!! :)

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May 2010
1 month ago

Nice stuff Looking forward to it.

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From St. Pete, Fl. now live in Jamundi Colombia
Mar 2010
1 month ago

Great stuff Stephen, looks like I'm going to have to grow back some fingernails..... welcome to Vanderbilly..... Norm

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Vancouver B.C
Feb 2008
1 week ago

Way :cool:Love that Rockabilly stuff:)

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S.F. Bay Area
Sep 2007
2 months ago

Move over Brian Setzer, a big welcome Stephen Clyde from Scotland. ;)
Gonna be a work out learnin' those chops, but so lookin' forward to it.
Wonderin' how you kept that pick on your thumb? Great pickin'.

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New Jersey
Mar 2008
3 weeks ago

Stephen was picken', and I was grinning! :D Welcome aboard!!

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Welland Ontario
Mar 2011
1 month ago

Nice one Stephen, i like Setzer as well...one helluva guitarist...:cool:

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Brisbane, Australia
Nov 2009
1 year ago

Yay more Scotty Moore! Love that 50's stuff - welcome buddy

Slash rocks!

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New Jersey - Land of the Lost
Sep 2009
2 weeks ago

Welcome indeed! Looking forward to some lessons on that big bad Gretsch. But... do we have to solder a pick to our thumbs??? :eek::D

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