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Apr 2005
10 years ago

hey guys...

heres what ive got on my pedalboard, im look for suggestions on what order i should place these.

Boss TU2 Tuner
MXR Micro Chorus
Boss BF2 Flanger
Boss DD3 Digital Delay
Barber Direct Drive Overdrive/Distortion
Boss GE7 EQ

the rest of my rig includes:

Gibson LP Studio
Gibson SG Special (w/ 57's)
Peavey 5150 Head
Peavey 412MS Cab.

i play stuff thats heavily influenced by refused, quicksand, helmet and also texas is the reason for another band.


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Feb 2005
10 years ago

from the guitar..try

thats what I'd do n e ways, the only other thing would depend on the EQ either b4 or after the OD


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Reading - UK
Dec 2004
11 years ago

Boss TU2 Tuner - First so it can track
Barber Direct Drive Overdrive/Distortion-Second as the others sound better after it IMO
Boss GE7 EQ-After the dist to "shape" it
Boss BF2 Flanger-Here because IMO they sound better after dist
MXR Micro Chorus-Here to spread the sound better
Boss DD3 Digital Delay-I always use delay last...so that all delays are clear

Meh, just my opinion...

EDIT-If you have an FX loop...i would simply put the flanger, chorus and delay in there...leaving the tuner, dist and EQ in front

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Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 2005
5 years ago

modulation pedals sometimes sound better in the fx loop.

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