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Nov 2010
4 years ago

so i'm new here. this is a great site. i thought i'd introduce myself and my board at the same time. there's nothing fancy about it but it works well. the "Interzone" is an MT-2 which i modified. it doubles as either an overdrive or a nasty boost. i'm thinking about doing further modifications and rehousing it. the CE-3 will be leaving the board this week when the small clone arrives. by itself, the metal zone is a savage beast that took me years to tame. the vintage big muff stacks well with the metal zone for a fuzz sound that is heavier than you can imagine. probably build a switch box to loop them together. the delay is a biyang. it was cheap and has a very dark analog type sound, true bypass and up to 1100ms delay time. the vintage fender phaser is very transparent. Ovation Viper solid body/Squier Telecaster Custom > EHX Big Muff Pi > Boss DS-1 > Boss MT-2 > "Interzone" MT-2 > Boss BF-2 > Fender Phaser > Boss CE-3/EHX Small Clone > Biyang AD-8 > Fender Pro Reverb

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Apr 2007
5 years ago

Greetings. I dig that big muff!

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Los Angeles, CA
Jan 2010
4 years ago

I like the Paisley. Welcome to the community.

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Springfield, MA
Sep 2004
3 years ago

the paisley is fun

I have had smooth gear transactions through this board with Users: Verve, and FakePlastic