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Leeds, UK
Jan 2010
8 months ago

Hi all, it's been a while, hasn't it?

I won't go into the full story about why I've been away from here for so long, missing the whole GuitarGeek transition thing. Suffice to say a couple of job changes and house moves were involved, which meant I downsized my rig A LOT and making do with the gear I was able to keep.


MIM Fender jazz bass -> TU-2 -> Pro Co RAT -> Tech 21 Sansamp BDDI


MIJ Fender Jazzmaster (Curtis Novak pickups), Epiphone Sheraton (Tonerider pickups of a now-forgotten spec)

Pedal chain:

TU-3 tuner -> LS-2 line selector -> OD-3 overdrive -> North Effects Triangle Muff clone -> M.A.S.F Lavender Head -> PS-2 pitch shifter/delay -> NuX Modcore modulation multi -> EHX Cathedral reverb -> DD-500 delay -> RV-5 reverb


Matamp Mini Pro, Mesa/Boogie F50


The LS-2 used to be a switcher for when I used two amps; for now it's doing well as a clean boost. The RV-5 is on my board purely for the 'modulate' setting, and the Muff clone is my main distortion (and is the only Muff variant I've found so far that can do palm mutes. The Lavender Head is trebly, spitty and loud. The Cathedral is my main reverb. I love the DD-500 because it does literally everything delay-wise. The PS-2 is mostly for octaves, pitch bending and that notorious self-oscillating noisssssssscccchhhhhhhh [insert sound of digital artifacts and screeching here]

The amp setup is where it gets kinda complicated. Because of, uh, circumstances, I'm left with a combo that's a little too loud for home studio use, and a home studio head with limited eq options and no speaker cab. I hit on the idea of plugging my pedal chain into the F50, switching it to "headphones mode" (essentially disabling the power amp stage and bypassing it), running a patch cable from the FX loop send jack into the Matamp's input, and connecting the Matamp's speaker jack to the F50's speaker.

The end result is a 5 watt valve power amp with an attentuator, but utilising a different amp as a preamp and speaker. It's a bit of a compromise, but until I can save up for a new speaker cab it's doing the job well enough.

I use all this for post rock/ambient with noisy moments (influenced mostly by Pink Floyd, Boris early Verve and Smashing Pumpkins), but it's able to cover a lot of other ground too. Now I'm settling in my new place and the dark winter nights are drawing in, I can start recording again. Hopefully.

Guitar rig: CIJ Fender Jazzmaster -> TU-3 -> Triangle Muff clone -> M.A.S.F. Lavender Head -> Nux Modcore -> PS-2 -> DD-500 -> EHX Cathedral -> RV-5 -> Matamp Mini

Bass rig: Fender MIM Jazz Bass -> TU-2 -> Proco RAT -> Sansamp BDDI

"...So now you know the true secret to great tone: all the espresso you can handle."

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northern krautland
Nov 2006

Welcome back! Your rig does seem downsized, indeed but none the less fair enough left to keep going. I'm looking forward to hear the results.

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Tumwater, WA
Apr 2004
4 weeks ago

Welcome back, ConcreteBadger! When did you pick up the Sheraton?

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