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Oct 2012
4 years ago

I'm finishing up my open back 2X12 cab. I built it myself a few years ago ought of some extremely dense plywood that I got for free. It's loaded, wired, and working but now I have to make it look purdy :p

- How do you apply the tolex covering? A lot of glue?

- How do you attach grill clothe? I was thinking a staple gun.

I was thinking of going with this grill clothe: http://www.lopoline.com/store2/Grillcloth/Black-Red-Grillcloth-47-W

I'm not sure about tolex yet. I may just paint the cab black. It might be easier for me depending on how tolex is attached to the cab.

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S.F. Bay Area
Sep 2007
2 months ago

I'd click on Lopo Line's, Support~>Contact & see what they say since they're the ones selling the tolex.
Of coarse others here might know too, good luck.

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Warrington, Pa.
Jul 2008
2 weeks ago

Tolex is an art form. The corners are the hard part. You have to cut them just right to get them to line up without seeing the seems. There is a special glue they use also that allows them to move it around some while it is on to line everything up.

A friend just built some cabs and he used some special texture paint made for painting cabinets. It liiks like a plastic textured shell when its done. It looks pretty professional and is easy to do.

I think this is what he used http://store.acrytech.com/Speaker-Cabinet-Coating-DuraTex-Roller-Grade-Black.html

For Grill Cloth, you just staple it and try to pull it even as you staple

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Oct 2012
4 years ago

Tolex seems like it's gonna be tough to do. It reminds me of window tint or the stickers that go on little kid's toys at Christmas.

That paint looks like a better route haha we'll what comes out of the next pay check.

Staples for the cloth, got it. Thanks guys!

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May 2008
1 year ago

Victoria's Secrets has some nice outfits I've seen on their Models. Probably look nice as grill cloth too. Although expensive considering how little it covers. You'll need many. LOL

A few years back, DoctorRocker wrote a song about Amp Tolex. It was a Hoot!

3M makes a spray adhesive that would most likely fit the bill.

Buy lots of extra Tolex to practice with. Perfection is no accident!

Now.... Back to our regularly scheduled program: http://www.vanderbilly.com/Guitar-Lesson-doctor-rocker-amp-tolex,8826,1.html

Man, I miss Doc! :(

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Sep 2009
2 months ago

Here's a vid on tolex on an amp head.
Good luck.
I painted my 2x12 cab...lazy...lol.


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Jan 2010
10 months ago

I just re-did both grills on my Sunns. Not permanent, just for kicks and to achieve a less.....relic'd look. The originals on both were....rough.

My girl and her mom sew. She came back from JoAnn's with a spiderweb embossed, real thin fabric she bought for a few bucks...

I just stapled the cloth over the frame then went back and battened it down with a strip of cloth ribbon. They don't "match". Too thin. But they do look a ton better. On a dim stage they look just fine. All for under $10. Easy.

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LA / Lower Atlanta
Nov 2008
4 months ago

Mojo has all kinds of tolex . They also have carpet , which might be a little easier to deal with . Hell, they'll do it for you if you got the bucks . Check it out . http://www.mojotone.com/Tolex-and-Tweed

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Canton, Ohio
Jul 2009
5 months ago

I would leave the tolex work to someone else unless you really want to learn how to do it. Then expect several attempts and $s for materials. Plus, read a lot first...

Even plywood can be stained and finished to look decent as long as there aren't too many ugly knots and splits in it. If it's that bad you will need to do some bodywork anyhow so the tolex would lay flat and look nice.

You can also apply veneer if the looks are really important to you.

If your baffles are removable, it makes the grill cloth work easier and neater.

Pull the baffle and install the grill cloth, then re-install the baffle. Your stapling will be on the back side of the baffle. Make sure you don't have a bunch of cloth in the corners or it may not go back together neatly.

If the baffles don't come out I would use a wood or formica battens to cover the staples along the edges (you will have to staple the cloth on the front or "visible" side).

These two cabs were built by others, but I had to finish them. No hardware or grill cloth was installed. The raw tweed was applied by the builder on the smaller one (actually a Tweed Champ in progress), but it was raw and unfinished tweed.

Notice the grill cloth is not straight perfectly on either one. There's a trick to everything. Good enough for me at this point. I imagine the next ones will be better. Two people would make it really easy.

Good luck on your project, and let us see when you are done.

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Canton, Ohio
Jul 2009
5 months ago

Uh, don't know why these didn't show...

Vox AC15HTVH, Acoustic B200 (for Thumpin'), '66 Silvertone 1452, Cox 5E3 Super Deluxe, Stu-Daddy BF Deluxe Reverb, Custom Vintage 47 Oahu, Valco Supreme Twin, '74 Silver Face Champ, Couple of 2x12 cabs, Couple of 2x12 cabs, Kramer KA22R (out on permanent loan)

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Oct 2012
4 years ago

I'm gonna go with painting this time. When I get some extra cash, I'm gonna go on a tolex test drive. The stain actually looks nice too but the wood I used is from an auditorium stage. It's real thick, heavy plywood. It's pretty rough.

I ordered my grill cloth yesterday. I also got myself four rubber feet and some nice handles to install. I'll take some pictures and show the finished project when I'm done. I'll seek out a camera as well for some video/sound. Thanks for all the help guys I appreciate it!