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May 2017
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Are your strings too high or too low?
Is your guitar in tune in one position and out of tune in another?
Are you getting fret buzz?
Do you have an important recording date or live show?
Would you like to save money on regular guitar maintenance?


Guitars are primarily made of wood. The organic properties of wood make it sensitive to humidity, temperature, and climate changes. This, along with the amount of use, can affect the tuning and playability of a guitar.

Bring your electric or acoustic guitar or bass to this hands-on clinic and learn to work on your instrument with our technical specialist who has over 25 years of repair and building experience.

During the clinic we will cover:

Truss rod adjustments – How and what to look for
Action adjustments
Intonation adjustments
Alternate tunings
Tuning machine maintenance
Fret board cleaning
Secrets to making your guitar stay in tune longer
And many other techniques to make your guitar play like new.

Receive FREE strings and FREE guitar repair tools compliments of our sponsors.

Join the hundreds and hundreds of students who have already taken our clinic and are enjoying the money saving tips and techniques we’ve shared. Our students have gained confidence in knowing how to care for and maintain their instruments the correct way.

Find a class near you and sign up now – spaces are limited and often sell out! (Clinics generally last 2-3 hours.)

COMPLETE Guitar Repair & Set-Up Clinic

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May 2017
1 month ago

Summer 2017 tour schedule up now! Find a class near you.