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Redding CA
Oct 2002
9 years ago

I know the end is near.
I know that hopes won't last.
I know the endless stare trapped far beyond the glass.

Stay still, you entity, like nothing else alive.
Shoot back a static gaze.
Make empty endless days.

I know thee like a war.
It rages on elsewhere.
I know you all too well.
I smell you in the air.

Stand there and dance for me.
Prey fall for restless eyes.
Sap still a wasted will, this drive that life defies.



Originally posted by Talent?!
Definately Dan the Legend.


Originally posted by CicadaSilence
Atreyu makes me want to kill myself. But if I did that, I'd fall into their target demographic.

You can see my dilemma.

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Oct 2004
11 years ago

way cool man. i like how you rhymed LAST with GLASS. i know know why but that part really stood out to me. i like it.

You kill the thoughts
If you kill the man
Only to find
His thoughts will rise again

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