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May 2008
8 years ago

How do you like to write/create Music?

Normally when I create new stuff, it involves a Very Foggy Room, myself and my Bassist and any new Riffs either of us came up with and liked since the last Jam.

Just asking because I'm curious, what are your "rituals" before you write or create. Like do you like to be completely straight before you start writing, or do you like to get messed up first?

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In a box, in a cardboard box
Apr 2007
7 years ago

Normally I would jam with people, that's how I come up with riffs. Either that or I'll come up with something at home. Most of my lyrics come late at night when I'm in bed.

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St. Louis, MO
Sep 2005
8 years ago

either the drummer or i will stumble upon a riff, and we'll take it from there.

or i'll improvise an entire song and have to re-learn it later..

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Madison, WI
Jun 2006
6 years ago

Sometimes we sort of improvise a song at band practice and I mumble along with the melody. We record it and I go back and fill in the lyrics later.

Or I bring in a pretty much completed song and we just fill in the gaps with the other instruments.

New material tends to pop in my head at completely random times when I'm not around an instrument, so I took to humming the song into the record function of my cell phone so I don't forget it. I do this at work, at restaurants, social gatherings…I must look like a freak.

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May 2004
1 year ago

Writing currently starts one of two ways for my band:

-Either the bass player or myself writes the skeleton of the song (chord changes and lyrics/melodies) and brings it in, with the rest of the band adding their unique touch to their own parts and contributing to the arrangement.

-We get in a circle--well, in a triangle, really--facing each other, and improvise freely. This has been a great resource for generating ideas and for tightening up the band. Nothing will benefit your ability to play together as a unit like learning to listen to each other while you're all stumbling along blindly. We've had people sit in and listen to these improv sessions saying, "That's cool. How long did it take you to write that one?" and I get a lot of joy when I can answer with the question, "I dunno, how long did we just play for?"

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Marion, IL
Nov 2006
7 years ago

i play one note... then i stumble around till i find another note that i like and it starts to come together like that. Then I write to the music.

with another person(s) we jam it out.. i play a riff or they play a riff; we keep with it, then we change until it feels right.

then write to the music.

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Toronto On. Canada
Jun 2007
1 year ago

+1 to the humming into the cell phone voice recorded. i'm all about that. at work on the subway. people think im weird.

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Mar 2008
3 years ago

i watch tv or a movie and noodle/improvise, not really consintrating on what im doing, when i hear something i like i go with it.

after awhile i think about what kinda fx to use to doctor it up.




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Santa Barbara, CA
Jul 2006
2 years ago

I almost have to build up to writing. Stuff only happens for me when I have been playing for a few hours that day. Then after a while, I'll be jamming along to something or just playing chords and I'll stumble onto it.