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Jun 2005
3 years ago

I need some help with buying recording gear my fellow geeks!

I have this laptop that I want to use(already have it):

I'm also going to get a Tech21 SansAmp TriAc to record electric guitar (so a mic for speakers is not needed because I'll be recording direct through the SansAmp.

What I KNOW I need:
Drum Machine that can also do bass lines.
Mic for acoustic guitar and vocals
Recording interface for the laptop (audacity?)

What kind of music I'll be recording:
-Simple backingtracks to use when I'm practicing.
-Acoustic songs
-Experimental music with a lot of electronic influences, and a low-fi sound.

So what do I need to make this happen? I need reasonably good quality for an as low as possible price (I'm short on money).

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Oct 2005
3 years ago

You can do drum lines and basslines easily on the computer side with MIDI and a VST host like Cubase or Reaper, or even something like Fruity Loops.

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