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Apr 2003
5 years ago

So, those of us who write things that are not necessarily songs (poems, short stories[well, those are kinda long to post on second thought], etc.) should have a place to post/discuss them. Thus, the Thread for Non-Song Writing.

I'll kick things off with two poems I've written- first is a sonnet I wrote a few weeks ago for school (doing Shakespeare in my theater class) about people singing songs from my schools's senior play (we did Crazy for You) after the show was over. I think anyone who's ever been in a musical can sympathise...

It’s a given: people will make mistakes
But certain lines are not meant to be crossed
My very sanity is up for stakes
My hold on my temper will soon be lost

A vile echo reverbs in my head
A melody haunts, but not for beauty
My spirits drop as if weighted with lead
I crack my knuckles, ready for duty

I ne’er was crazy for any of these
Though, long ago, some of them would delight
The Senior Play is now over, so please
Any rendition will now start a fight

If any of you now seek to find proof
Sing Gerschwin’s songs and get thrown through the roof

The other one I have is a much freer form poem I wrote last year. It's called "Like A Warm Puppy":

There’s no massage better than a stolen massage
Begged shamelessly from the woman of your dreams
A Carhartt-clad queen on a linoleum throne
Moving just a bit closer…

A warm glow of happiness
Like the ride home
After that 8-mile run?
Wailing along with Mr. Marley
Sweet, sweet heated seat

Or those Spring Sundays
When all you can think is
Good, God, it’s Green out there…
Maybe Shoreham is good for something
Besides cows, that is

Feeling like a chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven
Melts in your mouth and in your hand and on the pan and…
Then you drink that glass of milk
And everything in the world is just as it should be
For five glorious minutes

Because there’s no massage better than a stolen massage.

...and those are a few of my poems. Feel free to discuss, or (much better) post your own.

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Mar 2003
6 years ago

Nice idea, unfortunately I dont have anything to add just right now. I think writing poetry can be a good way to boost your lyrics writing for songs too.

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Dekalb, Il
Sep 2003
12 years ago

I hated crazy for you...I was on the light crew and let me tell you, i could have gone without seeing that show 600 times...