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May 2006
1 year ago

Yeah! Share yr tips and tricks for tape recording! Share yr tape recorded music! What do you use to record onto tapes? Got links to other people's cool shit that was recorded on tapes? If everyone followed the format below, I could put all your stuff into the original post:

I use:
Tascam 414
Tascam 488

Links to interesting tape recording-related web pages:
Backwards recording!

Links to interesting tape recorded music:
T een Majestic(One of my favourite bands)
Aaron Ruby

EDIT: wow this is so geeky

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Dec 2005
1 year ago

I never really thought track 1 would be track 4 and so on... :eek:

Right on, dude! I've been thinking about opening a thread like that myself. I use a Porta07 and any tape I've got around. Pretty hard to find chrome tapes in Brazil these days, and I just use it to record ideas, so what the hell... e609 Silver, SM57, some effects in the loop at times (usually just a Microverb II) and that's it.

I won't post anything because it's been a while I don't like the stuff I write... :o



Originally posted by pop_n_fresh
The thought of EMGs on a Jag makes me vomit a little.

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Beep beeeep beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP

Selling BOSS FW-3. I live in Brazil, mind you, so prepare yourself for $30-ish for shipping and waiting. Local pickup available, along with beautiful beaches and cheap bitches.