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Elgin IL.
Oct 2006
9 years ago

:confused: I realy need help i don't know how to write lyrics to songs and stuff and i was wondering if anyone can help on how to start and stuff like what should i write first the music or the lyrics if you could help me that would be great thanks:confused: :D

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Nov 2006
10 years ago

If you already have a riff made up, than start with the music, but otherwise i ussually start with the lyrics. Take your personal experiences and just turn them into a poem. Than just add melody and your music. This will hopefully help you get started.

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Dec 2004
7 years ago

It doesnt have to be about personal experiences. I find it harder to sing about myself. Try making up a story, or just throw a bunch of nonsense together and make it rhyme, or dont make it rhyme. Its your song, you can do whatever you want.

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