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May 2004
7 years ago

hi i just got a new computer and i got a software to record on but i got no ideas wich songs of other artists would be good to learn:
i would like a metal song with easy drums so i can do them with a rythm box aand no complmecated solos like minerva of the ddefatones that i already recorded.`

thanks so much

gasârd from paris:)

this link is my rig and geeked rig

send me pm's if u need any geeked icons

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Space City, TX
Jul 2004
9 years ago

I've never heard of anyone learning software by recording someone else's music before. Maybe it's just me, but I'd suggest you just try doing your own thing. If nothing else, just do some basic blues or power chord riff (whatever your thing is) and build up the instrumentation around it. Personally, I think you'd just end up frustrating yourself if you tried to reproduce someone else's recording (even if just to a small degree).

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