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Sep 2004
6 years ago

i need a phantom power supply for using my condenser mic at home. i only need to power one mic and i want something high-quality that's extreamly low-noise.

any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Sep 2006
1 year ago

Why not get a good mic pre with phantom power like the Groove Tubes Brick? I've used one on vocals and acoustic guitar and it was a very, very nice pre. Much nicer than the Mackie pre's on the board we were using for tracking.

If you have a good mic pre's on your console already (although I can't think of a console that has great pre-amps but no 24V or 48V phantom power -- can anyone else?) phantom power boxes are cheap an easy to come by because unlike the pre-amp they're easy to make and don't really play a roll in how things sound. You can try a higher voltage power supply to see if it gives your mic more headroom.

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Oct 2005
3 years ago

If you don't need a preamp I know ART makes a phantom power generator for like $20 or so.

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