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Santa Cruz, Cali
Mar 2004
9 years ago

My band just was given a very very nice version of Sonar. We're going to put it on one of our lap tops but we want to figure out what else to get.

We need to be able to record our band at our rehersal space, we want to record bass and drums at the same time then do the guitars seperately and then 4 different vocalists.

-I own a Tascam 488 (was an 8 track but someone broke one of my inputs so now its a 7 track)

I'm not trying to figure out what mics I need I need to know if i need an interface and what exactly that means.

For Sale:
TASCAM 488 Analog 8 Track.
Marhsll MG50DFX
Boss BF-3 Flanger