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Redding CA
Oct 2002
9 years ago

It seems like everyone is trying to get better and better at depicting their own everyday feelings and experiences. It's great for simpler, starker music, but I for one am more of an instrumental guy. My band always writes guitar/drums/bass first. It's a metal kind of perspective.

How do you find inspiration for words when the instrumentation has nothing to do with your own life? It would be corny to change my experiences into something different to suit the music, but it's getting more and more difficult for me to find words about other people or odd things without sounding dumb. I mean, you get this sick ass Satan riff that you've just gotta use, but you've never been to hell! What do you do?


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Definately Dan the Legend.


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Atreyu makes me want to kill myself. But if I did that, I'd fall into their target demographic.

You can see my dilemma.

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Mar 2003
7 years ago

just start writing. fill an entire piece of paper (or two or twelve or whatever) with stream of conciousness. don't worry about punctuation or rhyming or even sentence structure. just list random words if it becomes neccessary. find a rhythm while you're writing, and don't stop until the pages are full. go back through it and look for phrases and work from there.

or, just use the gibberish created. heh. that works for some bands.

sometimes it's not the words that are important, but the sound they make.

you know i feel like a preacher waving a gun around.
shake it.

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Dayton Ohio
Mar 2004
9 years ago

If you don't have any thing to say, go for syntax over meaning.
Worked for the Pixies!

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Dec 2003
12 years ago

i have set vocal melodies for all of my songs, but the words change constntly to adapt to how i am feeling or what i am thinking at that moment in my life.... there have been times when i just cry or just scream, but the melody is still there.... emotion and thought....

heres a scratch demo of my band, let me know what you think:

ibanez w/ locking trem and EMGS. PM me, if interested.

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gainesville, florida
Dec 2002
7 years ago

vocals are overrated. :(

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Wilmington, NC
Oct 2002
6 years ago

I tend to approach writing lyrics more as a "writer" than as a "songwriter."

What I mean is, if you use only personal experience for your songs, you'll run out of material pretty quickly. I mean, how many songs can you write about the same girl leaving you or what have you? Either it'd get very repetitive, or you'd have to stay totally depressed all the time in order to have any material.

That worked when I was depressed all the time, but not anymore. I have to apporach writing lyrics slightly differently. Instead of directly copying life experiences into songs, look at other people's experiences from a perspective you can relate to. And there's nothing wrong with just making a situation up, because your personal experience will color anything you write about.

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Valdosta, Georgia
Jul 2004
9 years ago

just make stuff up, sing about dragons and middle earth and all of that.

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Orange County, New York
Oct 2003
9 years ago

Originally posted by boyecho
vocals are overrated. :(


shameless slef promotion, but hey! who needs a vocalist anyway?

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