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over there, under that thing, are you jeleous?
Aug 2004
10 years ago

i write the songs for my band, im really horible at keeping my own rhythym comeing up with new rhythyms, i tend to default to 4/4

i need some tips for getting out of this

what are some songs i could play to get the feel of other timings?

we play fun loud rock n roll, think PUSA crossed with devo veruca salt and bo diddely

your favorite band... we kind of sound like linkin park and jack johnson

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Bury St Edmunds
Jun 2005
7 years ago

I don't have any songs to recommend you but do recommend you download and use power tabs. It's gr8 for writing stuff, you just tab in your song and it plays it to you, i've found it priceless when writing. go to Power tab website to download the program.


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Oakville Ontario, Canada
Aug 2003
10 years ago

Listen to Rush! Those guys swtich time signatures so smoothly that you can barely tell they are playing in odd metre. Look for Limelight, Driven, the Trees and YYZ. All good songs, all of which use crazy time switching.

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A small village called Hethersett in the UK
May 2004
10 years ago

Listen to Tool as well they have fun with time sigs,

but I'm the same as you I want to change time sigs but can't without it sounding crap

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the armpit of Michigan
Dec 2004
6 years ago

And don't forget to practice. My band's got a song that uses 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 all within the same song. I swear we practiced so much until we dreamed about time signatures.

new ones on the way