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New York City
Jun 2005
9 years ago

I'm playing bass in this new group even though i'm a guitarist.


Good Times!

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Chattanooga, TN
Apr 2004
5 years ago

I like it alot, sounds kinda like....alot of bands.....

I really like it though.

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May 2005
10 years ago

theres 2 kind of music... 1st.the music that means nothing 2nd the music that makes history ... well this is the 1st one...

but this is pretty good for 21st

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Nov 2002
5 years ago

I really hate it when people say "Theres only two kinds of..."

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A small village called Hethersett in the UK
May 2004
10 years ago

I like the bass the best, it's funky.

It's not really my kind of music but if it was then i'd definitely dig it.

the only thing that I'm not keen on if I'm honest is the vocals, they sound a bit cheesy.

But that's just my opinion, I think it's wicked that you are doing it, the websites good as well

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New York City
Jun 2005
9 years ago

thanks. it is kind of cheesey but those were just the two tunes the singer and guitar player wrote.

myself and the drummer have been writing and adding the new material which has a more dance vibe to it. i'll post again when my stuff is up on there. Thanks for the input, from everyone, good and bad!

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moleman462's picture
Chicago, IL
Jun 2004
10 years ago

wow, I actually really like that!
not my type of music generally, but it sounds good. Very retro sounding. In a good way.

I like the singers voice. Nice bass playing, and nice recording all around. Did you guys record it yourself?

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May 2003
6 years ago

I don't really like the music but IMHO i think it's very well played and recorded....good luck in the future

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Lawrence, Kansas
May 2004
5 years ago

Originally posted by sydious
theres 2 kind of music... 1st.the music that means nothing 2nd the music that makes history ... well this is the 1st one...

but this is pretty good for 21st


I certainly don't think your music means nothing. It's very RHCP, and I like. Anything with more guitar, though? This sounds like the kind of music where the guitarist should just go nuts every once in a while.

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LongIsland, NY
Jul 2005
11 years ago

pretty cool. just not to sure about the name. but whats in a name right.

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carger314's picture
Tucson, Arizona
Mar 2004
10 years ago

Originally posted by sydious
2nd the music that makes history

Not all music has to be revolutionary and/or challenging. Some people just like a good tune, ya know?

Anyway, nice stuff.

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