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Mar 2007
9 years ago

Hi everybody, nice to meet you all!!

I like to record music at home, i use a boss br8, record 8 tracks, burn that on cd, read them back into the boss on 2 tracks without all the effects, so i got 6 extra tracks.

Just to give you an idea of the soundquality.

It's time for something new, to much trouble to burn on cd 1st etc..

I like a lot of tracks, it makes recording easier for me. What shall i go for:

a boss 1600, expensive

or a 24 track 2488 tascam?


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Jan 2004
10 months ago

Welcome to guitar geek!

Why not join the full digital domain and use a PC based recoding software package?

Effectively unlimited tracks.

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Mar 2003
4 years ago



Originally posted by teleman
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Apr 2006
5 years ago

For that kind of money you could buy a really nice firewire interface and a DAW. There is a presonus 8 mic pre interface on musiciansfriend that is bundled with cubase LE. There is tons more flexibility there with vst plugins and whatnot, and the mic pres in that thing will be better than anything in a boss multitrack.


Or if you want even higher quality, go with Focusrite.


But then you get no software.

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Mar 2007
9 years ago

Ok that's ofcourse a great idea, i didnt think of that. I got myself Sonar 66 a complete package with USB
I also went for a POD XT so i can record without noisy amps, pickups. Plus i keep my neighbours happy;-)

I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to help me out.