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Redding CA
Oct 2002
9 years ago

... it has nothing to do with your life. Are they still cool? My band has this song that goes:

My goal's a simple one
I'm here to raise some hell
If I kill anyone,
I say it's just as well
My way to get kicks is kicking ass with passion
I hit the streets tonight, looking for some action

It's dark of night, it's now my time
the sun goes down and the world is mine
We break, take, loot and steal
We never stop to feel

When I feel like lashing out,
There's no question what I do about it
So if that makes no sense to you,
how do I explain what I do
It's easy to just do what pleases me

Course the song is this real heavy song, so it sounds pretty damned cool with words like these. However, nothing about that song is like our other stuff. Normally the lyrics are just about brainy thoughtful stuff and the riffs don't strut like this one (I wish I had the audio to show you the song but I'm not done mixing).

I just made up these words cause they sound cool; in reality I'm a normal guy and chances are, I can't kick your ass. Then again, neither can James and Lars, but they write about it when they feel like it as long as the song comes out good. What would you do if you had a riff that you absolutely had to use, but couldn't make reasonable lyrics to go with it?


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Atreyu makes me want to kill myself. But if I did that, I'd fall into their target demographic.

You can see my dilemma.

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Apr 2003
5 years ago

You write some "unreasonable" lyrics and make it work.

The Decemberists (they play folky indie pop) have a song called "The Tain." Its main riff sounds straight out of some 70's prog metal, but its lyrics are loosely based on an ancient Irish epic poem. It works dandy.

It generally just takes some fiddling and sometimes a bit of a sense of humor to make lyrics work with instrumentation not quite up their normal alley. But it can be really, really good in the end.

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Jul 2004
9 years ago

There isn't a rule that music has to be nonfiction. I doubt Robert Plant ever swept with thrashing oar. Lyrics don't have to make perfect sense either. Does anybody know what Beck's singing about half the time?

I'm bothered by lyrical/musical distance is when someone's going on about their strife but the music is major chords. If the music was overtly sad, I imagine you could have the reverse problem.

If you like the way the song sounds with the lyrics, that's what matters.

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