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I want a laptop for recording, because i'd love the flexibility to record and mix anywhere - i find i'm unproductive at home.. (and will prob return to uni in the next couple of years or so too)..

In a nutshell, i know macs are meant to be especially good. (toma's vocal takes come to mind - think he said they're from a mac mic) i've heard PCs can be less stable.

i'd like to have a macbook, but don't like that they cost way more than many laptops. (£700+ vs £300+). is it possible to get a cheap pc laptop that will run just as well and stably as a mac? basically, is the extra cash worth it? garageband seems to be a pretty good DAW for a free program..

and some people love logic, some dont. why? it seems better in that it comes with instruments built in, unlike cubase which is just a DAW. is it much harder to use. are most main functions intuitive?

i'll be mainly recording and mixing, but am looking to start writing using beats and soft-synths too..

basically debate and suggest away...

thanks all :)

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Guitarose has had one for sale in his sig since i joined this ****ing site. Somebody just buy it!

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