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Central California
Aug 2007
5 months ago

Someone sent me this video the other day and I just had to share with you all here. It goes to show what strength and determination some people can have even when they are dealt a bad hand in life.



peace out,

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silver spring, maryland
Aug 2007
6 years ago

wonder what tuning he is using....open d maybe?

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Aug 2007
4 years ago

Truly Amazing, God has most defintely blessed this man.

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La Grange, Texas
Oct 2007
1 day ago
Originally Posted by Dean40

Truly Amazing, God has most defintely blessed this man.

Truly...I saw this but couldn't figure out how to post it...so guys, how hard can the guitar be now? Thanks Daddy

we say Grace, we say Amen, life is short!


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New Jersey
Mar 2008
3 weeks ago

That was incredible! Thanks for sharing it.

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Brescia, Italy
Jul 2008
4 years ago

Wow, just wow. I thought nobody could beat John Denner (he's one of my heroes, though he plays a different kind of music than what I like), but this guy is on a different planet...

Thank you so much for posting this.


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