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Chicago IL
Oct 2004
9 years ago

I've been paralyzed by my fear of rejection and sucking for awhile, and I only ever wanted to jam with my close buddies who definitely dont take it as seriously as I do.

Ive bought all the gear I need to record and I keep trying to do it all myself, but I find it to be quite hard to come up with so many ideas.

Do any of you get tired of winging it alone? if so and are in the Chicago area (NW burbs, I dont have a car) contact me, maybe we can work on something.


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make offer.

pickup local to Bloomington Indiana. (outside Indy)

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richmond, virginia
Oct 2002
3 years ago

ever wanted to try working on a project over the internet?

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Oct 2004
11 years ago

Bands are like any other relationship. And like most relationships, they do eventually fall apart. It was with that in mind that ages ago I started doing my own thing. I've had at least one solo project going for as long as Ive been in any bands.

Not only is a good way to keep busy between bands, but it allows you to do stuff you might not otherwise do in a more democratic situation.

As for ideas, I'm of the 'follow the muse' school of thought. You cant force ideas. Take those times to just practice. Practice improvising with cds, practice scales, whatever.

It can get boring playing by yourself for sure. Having other people around is a great way to get fresh ideas. So keep looking for the right band, keep jamming with friends, and work on your own in between. Patience, time, practice.

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May 2004
11 years ago

i like being primarily solo.

i love playing with groups, but matching levels of committment can be problematic.

a good no-string-attached collaboration is a win-win situation.

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Austin TX
Dec 2003
7 years ago


I go through a lot of the same stuff you are, have bought the recording gear, and have struggled to come up with ideas. I go to the University of Illinois but travel home to Glen Ellyn on holidays... What kind of music do you want to play? Where are you? How old are you?

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Nov 2004
12 years ago

I used to live in the NW suburbs in Mundelein & Vernon Hills(rite by libertyville)

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Melbourne, Australia
May 2003
9 years ago

I would like to make a whole heap of solo music but I cant sing for **** and I need a drummer to give me a kick and help with inspiration...

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Off the deep end.
Sep 2003
9 months ago

I'm definatly not the solo type.

I can pull riffs out of my ass all the time, but a rhythm player all by himself is just plain boring....(and I'm a horrible singer).

Besides, even though I can come up with lots of riff ideas, I'm often stuck looking for a direction to take it, hence why I'd like the chance to start collaborating.

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Mar 2004
9 years ago

I'm KINDA a one man army, and have been in the past. Things I've found that help

1. DO IT

get off your lazy ass, and do it. I've written a lot of song's about overcoming apathy because of this, but yeah, I guess I'm kinda lazy. setting apart a time of day EVERY day, and yep you guessed it DO IT.

2. have some sort of multitracking unit

if nothing else, get your idea's down. listen to them, sometimes a little riff you were playing with will spark songs and songs and songs.

3. a looper does A LOT

for rehersing, and just getting things together a looper goes a long way.

yep that's what has helped me, hope it can help you. The #1 thing really is to just do it, and do it often.

note to self-get back to playing.

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Wilmington, NC
Oct 2002
6 years ago

I like being alone a lot more than being in a band. I am a disaster if I'm in a band. I'm a total autocrat. I write the songs, record all the parts, and ask everyone to learn their part exactly as I recorded it. But at the same time, I am one of the most passive people you'll ever meet, so I end up bending when people say "no," and just end up miserable.

The way it is now, I do pretty much everything on my own, and get my wife to lay down some vocals or guitar or keyboard if I'm in need of a different angle. Maybe if I could find a drummer who is in another band and wouldn't mind learning my songs for a gig, I'd be happy.

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Jun 2003
6 years ago

both solo and group/collaborative are, imho, essential to being as productive as possible musically. i mean i love to do my own thing, and i grow as an individual performer, but bouncing ideas off of other musicians you RESPECT is more conducive to growth IMO. even when i dont agree with my bandmates, i know that i am currently a much better player, even individually, because i've beene exposed to them and their points of view.

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