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Nov 2002
5 years ago

What is your writing process? What do you do for inspiration?

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Greater London, UK
Oct 2003
10 years ago

I rarely write anything good when I sit down and try to make myself write, unless i'm in a new environment or already inspired.

I keep a little black book off my tabs and lyrics on my desk and I ususally just wait until i'm inspired then write what comes to mind, it flows much better then. Then as it's all written down, I can add to/remove/delete where appropriate.

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Milwaukee, Wi
Sep 2003
10 years ago

I usually get a hook riff first or a bass riff. Then I build outwards from there and just layer.

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Jul 2004
9 years ago

it depends on the song sometimes i'll write lryics that fit over a riff that i came up with then other times i come up with lyrics first

and i cant force my self to write either

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Mar 2003
8 years ago

i improvise riffs and remember the ones i like.

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Trenton/Hamilton NJ
Aug 2005
11 years ago

It depends on various things for me too. I write the music to a lot of my tunes while just picking up the guitar, plugging in, and playing away. If I like something that I play, I repeat it, get it right, then record it on my (not-so) trusty MR-8. Afterwards, I bring it to my drummer, who either works with it or doesn't, at practice. If it falls together there, I write my lyrics afterwards (usually on a train coming from NYC or on my back porch).

It's really a spontaneous thing. I find that recording the riffs/ideas are the key to remembering them. One of my friends a while back had mentioned that someone famous said if they write a song and forget it the next day, it must not have been a good song. I used to agree with that, but now I find the recording my technique is helping my music progress.

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Wilmington, NC
Oct 2002
6 years ago

I usually record a whole song, then listen to it over and over and just think about what the music makes me feel, what kind of stories I can invent around the mood of the music. It's very rare that I write lyrics first.

Matte_2's picture
Umea, Sweden
Mar 2004
10 years ago

often a simple riff and then layering untill the orginal riff isn't needed anymore. then I usually tries to find ways to play more then one layer at the same time..

not so often i find a great sound and write around that specific sound or loop or whatever.

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May 2004
7 years ago

1/ I take a pen and with my left :
a)fist I pull out the cap
b)finger I click on the button
2/With my right index and thumb i hold the pen on an 45°angle
3/i midly press the pen on support (for example paper,book,magazine)
4/Move my right arm in order the forme letters and then....

WOW !!!
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How do I get the inspiration ?

I read the Text above.

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