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Los Angeles, CA
Mar 2004
9 years ago

Does anyone know what the name of song is on the Honday Civic hybrid commercial, and who wrote it?

Its a guitar and a piano instrumental I believe. The only thing I can remember about the commercial itself, presently, is objects spinning, specifically one turntable and then two.

I must find out about this song: please help me!

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Santa Monica
May 2004
10 years ago

I don't remember the song, but is it the one that basically about mixing thing?

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Apr 2004
7 years ago

Originally posted by SHAKEnBAKE
I don't remember the song, but is it the one that basically about mixing things?

yea that's the one. I liked the song too, but I have no idea what it's called or who wrote it though. This is kind of how I started listeing to The Cure again. I got back into them after "Pictures of You" was in that kodak commercial.

I bomb the mic like a fascist, Mussolini
comin' through with no remorse, from the dark you won't see me.
Rise up from the sea like a godzilla
straight up through your mind with my armour plated drilla.
I don't give a f*ck what you think about this sh*t, ain't
in it for the money never out to make a hit.
If you can't take it like I said get a grip
'cause I'm here to f*cking stay like the warts on your ****.