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Aug 2009
7 years ago

Hi! I was wondering about the equipment that i need to start building my home study. What sound card do you recommend me? Not so expensive please! XD

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quad cities, IL
Apr 2004
6 years ago

What is your price range? What instruments are you trying to record? If you are just looking to record guitar/bass by yourself, a single channel preamp+ interface combination and a sm57 (or something similar) should do you just fine. If you want to record vocals as well you might want to look into a condenser mic instead.


http://ppadirectimports.com/microphones.html (tube condenser)

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Aug 2005
7 years ago

Depends what you want.

Like pinkerton said the SM-57 is a good mic for almost everything except vocals and kick drums (though it will do an OKAY job at those too). They aren't too expensive.

Next computer (assuming you don't already have one powerful enough to be a studio computer). I'm using a White MacBook right now (I used to use a PC but that didn't work out on many levels). The White MacBook still has a FireWire jack which is really useful for soundcard ad is powerful enough for most stuff (unless you run loads of plug-ins). Plus it's portable and I use it live.

Soundcards, Edirol (Roland) make some decent, cheapish ones, I'm using a FA-66 which is again Firewire.

And then there's software. Very important. I'm using Ableton Live 8 now because I'm making a lot of electronic music at the moment but in the past I used Cubase and find that really good and easy to use. ProTools is a bit pricey but you get a good soundcard with it. I've heard the newest Logic is really good.

No matter which way you look at it, it will be a bit expensive. For me it was a case of getting things step by step. If you already have a half decent computer, one SM-57, a soundcard and something like Cubase or Logic will get you started.

edit: for software Guitar Rig is worth looking into. I live in an apartment so I can't use an amp for guitar or bass. Guitar Rig does a good job of making decent tones without the noise and the police showing up!

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Feb 2003
2 months ago