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Jul 2009
2 years ago

Is it better to use in ear monitors or headphones for studio recording? I've always liked iems for personal listening use, but I've never really seen anybody use them other than on stage. I always see over the head headphones being used in the studio.

Anybody have any suggestions for under $150 too? I like shure but don't know how good their 'under $300' category is. I'm looking at a pair of SCL2 headphones. I believe they also have a pair of SE115 for cheap, but from what i read, they aren't that great.

I do prefer them to be the kind that hook around your ear, but I guess over the head headphones don't come in that style :D I'd like something that also blocks out (not cancel) as much noise as possible, so I can listen to them at a reasonable to low volume because I have this terrible fear of going deaf.

Anyways, shoot!

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Jun 2007
1 year ago

If you fear going deaf, putting a speaker as close to your ear drum as possible is not the solution.

IEM's aren't used in studios all the much because they can be fatiguing on the ear overtime, and many find them uncomfortable and not as easy to remove when leaving for smoke breaks, a drink or taking a break.

A set of good headphones can go a long way. If you want to block out exterior noise, the best thing is to buy circumaural head phones ( head phones that completely cover the ear as opposed to sitting on top of the ear. They are also more comfortable)

Grado make fantastic sounding hifi and reference headphones, many at high prices but good ones at reasonable prices. The SR80i model are fantastic sounding. I might even say some of the best headphones I've ever listened to. They make everything sound clear and fanstastically hifi. Not desirable for mixing audio however, but orgasmic for listening to well mixed music.

At your price point you can get the AKG 140mkII headphones which are quite nice and are a studio standard. The 140's are supraural (on the ear) and for the 240mkII you're looking at $189 (these are circumaural). AKG 200 series are pretty much the studio standard anywhere you go. You might say they are the SM57/58's of the headphone world. I'd doubt you'd walk into any studio and not see a pair.

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