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Jan 2009
2 years ago

Didn't see this posted yesterday, but I figured I would post it a day late....Les Paul's birthday was yesterday June 9th. Would have been 95.

RIP Les Paul

Heres an old Coors Beer Commericial wit him.



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Dayton, Ohio
Dec 2007
1 year ago

Happy B-Day LP. You were the "man" for sure. RIP LP

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The wet side of Washington
Feb 2010
3 months ago

Happy Birthday Les!!!!

BTW, great video

My humble opinion expressed above.

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Massachusetts seacoast
Jun 2008
7 months ago

Happy birthday to one of the most important icons of the electric guitar world.

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Killeen/Fort Hood, Texas
May 2009
1 month ago

Happy B'day, Les!

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nov 2009
1 year ago


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Escondido. CA
Oct 2009
6 years ago

Huge figure in Music, multi track recording, early radio, and guitar, etc, too much to list. RIP Les Paul.


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Noo Hampsheer
Mar 2009
1 year ago

Happy Birthday, Les Paul... I think in celebration, we should all receive a free Gibson Les Paul, compliments of Gibson Inc. :D

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La Grange, Texas
Oct 2007
1 week ago
Originally Posted by cvidal

Happy birthday to one of the most important icons of the electric guitar world.

WORD! we missed this?

we say Grace, we say Amen, life is short!


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Lapeer, MI. USA
May 2010
4 years ago


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Jul 2009
2 years ago

Thanks guys, but it's not my birthday.

.....oh wait, did you say Les?

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