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Scarborough, ME
Oct 2008
5 years ago

hi guys/gals!

like most of you, i have an on-going home studio project. i'm using protools le with an mbox mini. living in apartments for the past few years, i'm stuck with direct recording. i'm currently using an a/da mp-1, into an a/da micro cab, into the mbox.

what are you folks using for direct recording (guitars). list your preamp rig (if any) and your thoughts on the subject!

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Jan 2004
8 months ago

For quick 'nasty' work I just plug my guitar staight into my Steinberg MI4 and use it's preamp with all the effects added later as VST plugins in Cubase.

Usually when I first do it I'm unimpressed, but after a 'cool down' of a week, during mixdown, I often think 'What a killer tone! What was I..." then the truth hits. Makes carefully miking up a vintage amp look pretty redundant, but I'm happier when I'm using that setup at the time. Happier player means better performance.

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Jan 2004
4 years ago

I'm using a POD X3 Live connected via S/PDIF to my M-Audio sound card with cab impulses instead of POD cab sims.

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Sep 2006
1 year ago

The best setup I've hit upon to date for silent recording has been a loaded down head into a nice mic pre into a cab sim of some kind. Right now the loaded down head is my Koch using it's DI output. Previously it was a Recto-Verb to a Palmer PGA-04. I do, on occassion, miss the Palmer's full frequency output but the Koch's DI is only lightly tampered with so it's not too bad. For cab sims the Guitar Rig 3 stuff has been working well. A stereo Brit cab setup with two different mics sounds perfectly mixable.

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St. Louis, MO.
Jul 2006
4 years ago

A gain-maxed mixing board. A little EQ-ing.

I'm not a simulator kind of guy. If I had one, I might use it for some demo-type things, but I'd never rely on one for a "serious" recording. Same thing goes for your fancy electric drum kits, too.

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May 2006
1 year ago

Originally posted by Fuzzhead
A gain-maxed mixing board. A little EQ-ing.

**** yeah!