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Oct 2010
6 years ago

I have a Zoom R16 (8 track). When I analog mix all the mics and instruments down to one mono track and record just that one track, it sounds beautiful, open, bright and present.

When I record each source on its own track, each individual track by itself sounds beautiful. But when I digitally mix all the tracks down to one mono (or two stereo) tracks using Sonic Foundry Vegas, it seems like the highs roll off and the sound gets muddy, flabby and dull.

Is it just my imagination?

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between Berlin and Melbourne...
Nov 2003
4 years ago

This phenomenon is debated a lot in various places, which is why some people pay huge amounts for an analogue summing box. I'm not familiar with Sonic Foundry but I say trust your ears - if you think one way sounds better than the other then go with it.

One thing though, while I've never used an R16 I'd be surprised if it's actually an analogue mixdown that it is doing - could be wrong but I assume that it's be a digital bounce. But it may well be doing the digital mixdown better than Sonic Foundry does. A digital bounce-to-disk function should be the same as another digital bounce-to-disk function but often they're not equal.

Does that make any sense? I'm tired... ;)

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