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Feb 2005
6 years ago

i play in a band called BOXOXOB. were a three-peice from northern california. heres a link to our(boring, minimal)site. all we have up are mp3s of a few of our songs...
please, give them all a go, there all fairly different.

(weve been together since november, 2004, we haven played in a monthe due to current living situations)

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Feb 2005
6 years ago


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Apr 2004
11 years ago

wtf kinda name is that?

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Greater London, UK
Oct 2003
10 years ago

Originally posted by LesPaulKing
wtf kinda name is that?

The palindrome kind.

Do you have to be so rude?

So I'll try not to breathe as I hold my head still,
the light bends on my face, there'd be tears if I cried
And I'll try not to think what the happy things were
I just think of the stuff that just made me **** scared

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Guelph , Ontario, Canada
Jun 2004
8 years ago

How do you say that?
And for the songs.......your unique i'll give you that.

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