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Feb 2005
6 years ago

i play in a band called BOXOXOB. were a three-peice from northern california. heres a link to our(boring, minimal)site. all we have up are mp3s of a few of our songs...
please, give them all a go, there all fairly different.

(weve been together since november, 2004, we haven played in a monthe due to current living situations)

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Feb 2005
6 years ago


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Apr 2004
11 years ago

wtf kinda name is that?

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Greater London, UK
Oct 2003
9 years ago

Originally posted by LesPaulKing
wtf kinda name is that?

The palindrome kind.

Do you have to be so rude?

So I'll try not to breathe as I hold my head still,
the light bends on my face, there'd be tears if I cried
And I'll try not to think what the happy things were
I just think of the stuff that just made me **** scared

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Guelph , Ontario, Canada
Jun 2004
7 years ago

How do you say that?
And for the songs.......your unique i'll give you that.

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