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nova scotia
Jun 2007
9 years ago

Does anyone on here use any on here?
i just got a few off the internet (guitar rig 3, GTR 3) and i must say i'm quite impressed with both of these, more so guitar rig 3. What's everyone else's opinion on these?

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chi, il
Feb 2006
5 years ago

I use the simulators/modelers that are built in Logic, I think they call it "guitar amp pro". I think there is a lot you can do with amp simulators if you have a good enough ear. It really comes down to how things sit in the mix and how much power & memory your computer has...
They work great for some songs, not as good for others. If you live in an apartment then they're key to recording loud guitar tracks. Technology is good.

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Oct 2002
7 years ago

I've tried guitar rig 1 & 2, the NI combos and also amplitube(the first). I must say I do like the concept,everything you need in one place ready to use right away. With a controller, like the one included in the NI guitar rig packages, it's not much difference between that and a standalone muliteffects unit.

The downside is the sound, It's good, but far from great. It works for trying out different sounds and maybe for home recording and such. it's fun to play with different combinations cause I think the various models are very expressive, but it's something about it that doesn't feel 100% right.

I didn't plan on writing this much, but here you go..

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left of left
Jan 2004
8 years ago

I use GR2 and GR3 for recording and live use as well. I've been gigging 75 shows a year on it since GR2 came out. The 'feel' thing is something you get over in one week if you play it with a band everyday. The audience can not hear the 'feel,' they CAN hear when you're playing bad because you're vibed out about your sound. Once you get past that though it's sweet. You can get sounds that are totally crazy.
If you want to sound like AC/DC you should get an amp because nothing is going to sound better than the real deal. But if you want to push your sound into places where you didn't think the guitar could go, software is the way to go.

Do you think a vintage laptop would sound better?


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Oct 2005
3 years ago

I like your attitude, but who wants to sound like AC/DC?:D

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