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San Francisco
Oct 2008
1 day ago

How do we report "spam"?

I've been on a local blues site... robot spammers where sending spams to each other...LOL. It was funny at first but quickly filled up all the forum threads/mail boxes. Site had to close down temporarily to sort thing out.


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northern krautland
Nov 2006

I've looked for such a button lately, too. Where would we be if not so much computing power was wasted on generating and filtering spam??

macjohn's picture
Jun 2008
4 weeks ago

Have some more spam showing up in the 'new members' section today.  I searched the spammer's username in the forums and he only replies with spam.  This needs to be stopped or it could ruin the site.

john's picture
Jan 2007

Hey guys, I never saw this but you can use the contact form and send a link. We have a mod feature that works 99% but we found a hole in it which is being plugged in the next few days. Sorry this reply is 9mo after the fact but better late than never.

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