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Jul 2008
8 years ago

i think an online tuner would be great ,,,standard ..open g..1/2 step ....fullstep...drop d ya know...just a thought ..sometimes i spend to much time wgoing back and fourth to a web site thats got one...granted i have one listed on my favorites but i just thoght it would be pretty sharp if we had one of our own...again not the end of the world if it dont happen but it would be nice.....scott:o

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Aug 2007
4 years ago

8 Tunings
or make your own

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La Grange, Texas
Oct 2007
1 day ago
Originally Posted by CVSR

8 Tunings
or make your own

yep...thats the one I use..when I use it...good site CVSR

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Morrisville, PA
Jun 2008
3 months ago

I was gonna post peter griffin tuning his guitar but I couldn't find the clip...

I've used the one CVSR posted as well though ;) good stuff.

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Southern California
Dec 2007
4 years ago

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Keller, TX
Mar 2008
3 years ago
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Perrin, TX
Aug 2007
1 year ago
Originally Posted by CVSR

8 Tunings
or make your own

Very cool site! I bookmarked that one. Thanks.

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High Desert, Southern California
Dec 2007
4 years ago

For Guitar and Bass, with wide assortment of alternative tunings.


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