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Jul 2005
7 years ago

Can anybody tell me anything about telestar guitars? I have a 12 string accoustic telestar guitar. All it says is telestar on the headstock and in the body it says "telestar quality guitars" and it has a serial number. The brand name telestar exists on harmony-central but from what I remember it was just 2 electric strat copies the last I looked.
So does anybody here have one, know where they were made, how much they are worth, etc..

If I have to I can post pictures.

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Central VA
Feb 2004
2 years ago

Telestars were made in Japan in (I believe) the '60s and '70s. Most of them are worth between $250-500 depending on the condition. They were made with relatively cheap parts, but they were made very well, especially for Japanese guitars made during that time period. I have a Telestar that's somewhere between a Strat copy and an SG copy, and I love it; very comfortable, and a really great, focused tone that lends itself really well to effects that completely saturate the signal.

Very old stage rig

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