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New York
Mar 2009
7 years ago

Hey everyone!

I have no idea what to do with my hollow body guitar. The pickups dont work, from account of it falling face down on a hard wood floor (blame a loose strap lock :mad:)

Anyway i have been looking to replace the pickups but i dont know what to put in it...

I love Queens of the Stone Age-esque tone: thick rhythms, with creamy leads, but still an overall bite.

I dont want to get a pickup too hot for the guitar, and get a ton of feed back. I already have a problem with feedback as it is with the guitar.

Any suggestions for pickups that will suit a hollow body guitar?

Btw its an Ibanez Artcore!

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Dec 2005
4 years ago

Whatever you look at make sure they're way potted, this should lessen microphonic feedback.

On top of this make sure any mounting hardware is properly secured to the guitar (my ES-135 has stacked P-100s and the bridge one howls when the internal mounting plate starts to get loose). I'm pretty sure your Ibanez has pickup mounting rings though iirc.

With a hollowbody I've learnt that you basically have to nail everything down if you want to play with any gain. So any place where a pickup cover may vibrate or there's a length of strings that aren't dampened (I have a Bigsby on my 135 and I put a length of rolled up hockey tape woven between the strings between it and the bridge) you have to eliminate any kind of excess resonance or vibration.

Make sure your pickup covers, pickup mounts, tuning pegs, bridge, nut, tailpiece, knobs, strap pegs, etc, are all screwed in tight.

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Hamilton, Ontario
Sep 2002
1 year ago

Trey Anastasio from Phish/Oysterhead/Vermont uses Duncan 59's in his hollowbody axes. Not as high-gain as QOTSA, but his tone is pretty meaty all things considered.


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Nashville, TN
Feb 2008
4 years ago

I have Burstbuckers in my Artcore, and they do a phantastic Trey Anastasio impression, especially with both pups on. A little dark, overall.

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