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Jan 2008
2 years ago

So, I've actually had this dude for about a week now, and I've been nothing but impressed. The tonal range is insane, mostly due to the bass contour control. Initially, I thought the idea was a bit gimmicky, but in practice it works amazingly well. When I went to the guitar store I was actually hoping that they'd still have a roundhouse hb still in stock, as the les paul sound was the goal I had in mind. This ended up being the only roundhouse they had left, but I think I accidentally stumbled onto something much more versatile. I hadn't played mini humbuckers prior, but fattened up with the bass contour they seem like they can get close to a full HB sound, and I'm quite pleased. This guitar was set up perfectly right off the shelf, insanely nice action, it practically plays itself. I'm still futzing around with finding a nice low gain sound with it, however I can't honestly say I've found a bad sound out of it. Hopefully I'll have some pics later.

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Toronto, Ontario
Aug 2008
5 years ago

...well, yeah, without pics it don't exist! :D

sounds like a cool guitar, glad it's working well for you.