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May 2004
5 years ago

I've Googled high and low, but can't find any price points or indication if this is too expensive:

Gibson Classic SG With Hardshell Case, P90's

Seriously wanting to take the jump and get a Special but I don't want to spend the 1500 or so for the other models. Does anyone own this guitar, or can they offer some advice?

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Dec 2004
2 years ago

Play it firstfor sure. This is not a 61 - 63 reissue btw. It has the modern pickguard and neck joint. Not necessarily a bad thing. I prefer the old ones without the cowboy pickguard and big block neck joint myself. Not a bad price if it is a player.

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Nov 2009
3 years ago

I'd sya this might eb overpriced, 850 is Guitar cEnter's price for a brand new Les Paul 60s tribute with P90s. A new SG with P90s can be had for 1000, so maybe it's in line with SG prices...

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I believe it was guitars mixed with a sense of desperation to not be dropped by their label...

Talking about wireless pedals...

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It would be so we could run from one side of the stage to the other, switch from rhythm to lead, run over to the guy on the hammonds to turn on the flanger, and then sneak up behind the drummer and start going nuts on the wah.

Only to realize those pedals were hooked up to the bass!