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Dec 2011
4 years ago

Hey Everyone! I'm planning on using the little limited budget that I've saved up to purchase an electric guitar book/dvd. Until now, I've done some learning and gladly became an intermediate player from pretty much gathering all the sources and lessons I could find on internet (mostly JustinGuitar/Youtubers like Marty). Now I'm at a point where I'm a bit lost and stuck. Therefore, I decided maybe it's time to put in some money to buy an electric guitar book/dvd that could give me a clear direction and perhaps lead my way in the guitar journey. So.. What Would Be A Good Electric Guitar Book/DVD You Guys Would Suggest Me To Buy? (Book/DVD That Is Purchasable From Internet And Shippable To My Area [Thailand, Bangkok], Could Be Used.)

PS. I've had private lessons with a few guitar teacher long time ago when I first started, but really, after I got the basics down, I found it much more effective and faster when I decided to do self-learning. Unfortunately, guitar teachers around my area just aren't very good. More importantly, my parents are on a limited budget, purchasing a guitar book/dvd at this point sounds more like an actual plan for us, even used ones, I don't mind as long as it's readable/viewable.

BTW. Here Are The Things That I Already Know:
All The Notes On The Neck (Octaves) ; Barre Chords (CAGED System) ; Power Chords (Palm Muting) ; Triad Chords (Not familiar with all shapes but understand how it works) ; Some Finger Exercises (Building finger speed & power) ; Playing With Metronome. (Building skill on timing) ; Techniques (Minimum Movement;String Bending;Rolling;Vibrato;etc) ; The Major Scale (All Five Positions) ; Minor&Major Pentatonic Scale (All Five Positions) ; Improvisation With Backing Track Using Different Licks (But not so creative). Playing Songs At My Level.

What Kind Of Music I Play? Blues, Funk, Rock. NO Heavy Metal.

Any Reply Will Be Highly Appreciated. THANK YOU. =D

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Oct 2008
5 years ago

If you're looking to expand your knowledge in the realm of scales and modes, I have found this book to be invaluable. I suggest it to all electric players that I come across. It's somewhat of a one-trick pony, but it gives you all of the most widely used scales and their positions all the way up the neck. The whole book is done in the key of 'E' but it is easy to slide it up a few frets to transcribe to a different key.

Just my opinion on a cheap book (if you buy used) that has helped me out tremendously. I'm sure there are others out there with more in-depth information if thats what you're looking for.

Amazon.com: Scales and Modes for Guitar (with CD) (9780882847207): Steve Hall, Ron Manus, Manus, Hall: Books

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Apr 2006
4 years ago

Nearly everything you need theory wise can be got from google. I would recommend John petruccis rock discipline, it's the best shredding guide out there plus covers more

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