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Aug 2003
3 years ago

I want to upgrade my jagmaster pickguard with some jaguar chrome parts, but does anyone know if they would fit? I wonder if the pickguard of my jagmaster is so similar, especially regarding the contour, that i just can cut the jagmaster parts away and substitute them with the chrome parts.

Maybe anyone has ever tried the same before or can compare the parts, i would have to import them from the uk so i don't want to order them without knowing they would fit perfectly.


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Apr 2006
4 years ago

You're better off buying the jag plates parts then cutting the pickguard down. Pickguard material is quite cheap too if you want to keep the origial guard unsliced- i cut a mirrored plastic one for a tele and it cost me about 4 GBP (i then messed it up by lazy drilling ending in a kinda cool shatter effect).

I've seen jagmasters done with up with jag parts so it is do able. Question really is whether you should actually sell the jagmaster and buy a jaguar, instead of trying to make your jagmaster into a pale comparison of the guitar you want.

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