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Dec 2011
4 years ago

Alright Long Story Short, I'm pretty much done with almost all of the lessons taught from Justinguitar. com. Great lessons, Great teacher, Great that it's free, definitely go check out the site for those who haven't yet. Also, some martyzsongs lessons on youtube, etc. Originally, I was planning on using the little limited budget that I've saved up to purchase a guitar book (e.g: The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick), but then I came across this site called "JamPlay" (www. jamplay. com), and which I could purchase to get a monthly membership in a decent price just a little bit more than purchasing for a guitar book. Besides, I "personally" found it more effective for myself learning from a video/ reading off the screen like Justin's site than a book. Point is, does anyone here knows this site "JamPlay" and would recommend it? if not, anyone got a better site similar to "JamPlay" where you could get as many lessons as you like by paying monthly fee?

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Dec 2005
1 year ago

I remember us GG members having a discount or something.



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The thought of EMGs on a Jag makes me vomit a little.

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Beep beeeep beeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP

Selling BOSS FW-3. I live in Brazil, mind you, so prepare yourself for $30-ish for shipping and waiting. Local pickup available, along with beautiful beaches and cheap bitches.