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Dec 2010
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Ok, so I'm looking to take this sh**** MIM Jaguar pickup out of my esp m-255 and I'm on a budget. I found these pickups and have seen mixed reviews about their quality and tone. For $37(usd) they dont seem bad. I'm looking into the Screamer set. Btw, I just realized the Jaguar pup statement will get me flamed so let me clear up that Its a good pickup for a jag or a jazz but for a heavy metal guitar it sucks big time. Also, If anyone wants it I'll sell the pickup (bridge pos) for $20+shipping. Back on topic, Dragonfire pickups Ye or nay?
dragonfire pups

Hamer Sat2 or Jackson JRR-94 Rhoads>Laney gc80a or hc25(practice).

Hamer(standard tuning) Ernie ball Slinkies
Alvarez Dana Scoop (standard tuning) D'adarrio 10's
LTD EC200qxm (standard tuning) EB Slinkies

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No love for vintage strings? Let me guess, you play EMGs into a Line 6 and think Jim Root is better than Jimi Hendrix.