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Austin/Houston, TX
May 2009
5 years ago

My SG has a Tom Anderson H3 in the bridge and Gibson P94R in the neck. Been thinking of trading out the bridge for something lower output but balanced.

Anyway, I was looking at the 57 Classic for the bridge but worry that there might be a drastic sound difference between Alnico V neck pup and the Alnico II pup. Should I go for the 57 classic plus?


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Los Angeles, CA
Jan 2010
4 years ago

Alnico V is THE Gibson sound, go pro.

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Lancaster, Pa
Dec 2008
2 years ago

If you're worried about volume difference, just adjust the pickup heights accordingly. Alnico V is more powerful than II, but how the pickup is winded is also a factor.

The only problem I encountered with different magnet combinations was in the middle toggle position of my les paul. I purposely made the bridge and neck pickups "out of phase" of eachother, so that in the middle position, I would get a nasally honky tone. I had an Alnico V in the neck and Alnico II in the bridge. For some reason, the drop in volume was more severe and the tone was thinner than I anticipated.

Maybe it was because I had two different magnets with different tone shapes "fighting" eachother? I replaced the bridge pickup with an Alnico V. As a result, the middle position got louder and thicker but still retained that nasally characteristic.

If you don't really use the middle position, or you do but keep the pickups "in phase" (normal), then I don't think you have to worry about that.