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Apr 2006
4 years ago

I was lucky enough to see Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck perform in London recently and couldn't believe the things Beck was doing with a strat trem. I know his custom strat has a 2 point trem - does this make it more stable at all or does this allow more for pitch change in both direction? I was curious as he never seemed to tune and had no locking nut yet was doing some quite extreme pitch bends

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Oct 2003
4 years ago

I think Beck's custom Strat has an LSR roller nut, if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure that evens things out enough for 45 minutes or so of his vibrato shenanigans. I was severely impressed by his recent (2009, I think) live album.

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Leeds, UK
Jan 2010
6 months ago

My little Squier has a two point trem and I don't have any problems with it at all. It's personal preference here but six point trems are harder work to set up...back in the 50s with those heavy gauge strings I'm sure you'd need the strength of six springs to hold the bridge in place but these days most people who aren't the late and great SRV use 0.09s or 0.10s at most.

The six point system doesn't allow for as much downward travel so if you're into dive-bombing maybe two point trem is the better option for you.

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Nov 2003
5 years ago

2 points are a little more consistent, easier to set up, and i think they're floating only

but IMO 6 points looks better LOL

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Jul 2009
5 years ago

No, you can set a 6-screw strat bridge to float the same as a 2-screw bridge. You can also get a 2-screw bridge to lie flat, the difference is that you don't lock the plate by screwing down the plate, you either tighten the claw, put more springs in, or do what Eric Clapton does, which is have a block of wood installed between the steel block and the tremolo cavity.

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Apr 2006
4 years ago

Spotted the roller nut on the sig model (now using a computer with a better screen!)
Wouldn't have thought it made so much difference but may well get one for my knackered squire! I think Beck has an old style trem bar too.

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Feb 2010
3 years ago

Beck's guitars have either the roller nut or the Wilkerson nut of old as well as the "trem setter " in the back cavity, as far as 2 point vs 6 pint, the 2 point bridge is much better as it allows for a closer trem setting with tremelo function to the body as well as a better "knife edge" and can be set up as a "floating" trem bridge with the assembley off of the body .

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Over there...
Jan 2003
3 years ago

Either bridge can be set flush or to float. The 2 point has a bit more range of play.

It's important to have a good quality two point bridge. Cheap ones wear out pretty fast and loose stability when they do. To quality ones have hardened steel posts and blades on the bridge.

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