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May 2007
8 years ago

Hi. Is there a pedal that can simulate the sound of bagpipes, or at least come close?

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St. Louis, MO
Sep 2005
8 years ago


I just laughed out loud. no offense, but this is probably the most random thread i've seen. it's just not something you would ever expect to see


anyway...i have no clue. maybe lots of treble, an octave up, and playing a bunch of wrong notes?

sorry im not much help. the only bagpipes i've heard are those of the dropkick murphys.

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May 2007
6 years ago

I have no clue, but that's something I've always wondered about as well.

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Sep 2006
1 year ago

Do you mean like Big Country type stuff or you want drone note + melody line type stuff?

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Oct 2003
7 years ago

Wah, whammy(pitchshifter) and some eq.
You might also get that tone with the EHX micro synth or the pog/hog.

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Aug 2004
8 years ago

maybe an ebow and a looper? this guy does it about halfway through the vid


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St. Louis native in Chicago area
May 2003
3 years ago

I think the most important thing would be the actual figure being played and your playing technique more than the effect (but this is pretty much always the case). Using drones and hammer ons with a really compressed tone should do the trick.

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Broadripple Village
Nov 2002
1 year ago

I'd play with open tunings, get those open drone notes.

Therefore: a boss TU-2 tuner.

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Nov 2005
7 years ago

That bag pipe sound is created mainly from the various drone notes in the pipes that are constantly being played over what the player is fingering on the chanter. There's at least one drone in every bagpipe piece you hear, so I guess if you can find a way to make a reed instrument sound on your guitar then just make a drone loop and play over it.

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Big Smoke UK
May 2007
3 years ago

I think the drones are root and 5th if that helps.

All you would have to then do (if you could get the tone right - eq and cocked wah etc.) is loop the drone notes and play over the top like pop_n_fresh said.

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Mar 2003
4 years ago

I loooove bagpipes:cool:


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