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Jul 2006
4 years ago

I mean in front of the amp. I'm not an amp effects loop guy.

Would there be any downside to placing it first in the chain?

I must get a Tremolo pedal soon. I have a Behringer dealer close by that will replace anything that goes bad, with or without a receipt. At $29.99 for a Boss clone, I guess I can't lose.

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In a phone booth, NY
Jun 2004
1 year ago

I would definitely place it near the end, and after any pedals that need to "track" the signal, such as envelope filters, pitch shifters and digital delays....

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Hampton, N.H.
Oct 2006
5 years ago

If you place it first in the chain, the trem effect might not be as pronounced. You still hear the pulses, but you would probably hear how it interacts with the downstream effects more. Which, if that's what you're going for, might be the thing. That said, it will be much more authentic and natural sounding if you place it in an effects loop (or after the preamp section of your setup, a la dirt pedals etc.).

I place it after everything else but my delay and that gives me the option to have a clean or distorted or effected trem sound.

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Jan 2007
8 years ago

I'd put it after dirt and modulation, but before delay or reverb pedals. That way, you can delay or 'verb up the tremolo which is always fun...:D Effects loop is good advice, but I've gone from using mine in one to not and it's sounds almost exactly the same to me.

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Dec 2005
1 year ago

I used to think it should go after everything but reverb, because that's how I thought it was wired on amps, but it actually comes in the end. So, it should go after everything.



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Selling BOSS FW-3. I live in Brazil, mind you, so prepare yourself for $30-ish for shipping and waiting. Local pickup available, along with beautiful beaches and cheap bitches.

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Vancouver, B.C.
Sep 2003
1 year ago

For me? After the first stage of reverb and maybe a short delay/hold, before the main delay section and final reverb.

For you? Depends. It should be one of the last few effects in the rig that isn't repetition based like a delay or a reverb, at the very least, and from there, you can toy. I love the sound of a good trem ripping through a good spring reverb, but that's my affinity for a lot of early 60s guitar tones. Also, when I use trem, I usually want it to be noticed and reverb has a way of "covering" trems, IMO. But toy. Toy a lot.

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Oct 2006
8 years ago

I keep mine after most of my delays right now. Sometimes I like to get a nice wall of delay and then trem it. But for the most part i dont use the trem in conjunction with a lot of delay. I may have to move it up before the delays to see how it sounds.

I like StylinStan

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Indianapolis, IN
Mar 2005
9 years ago

I've run one toward the end just before reverb... but I could see how running them into a volume sensitive drive pedal could add some dynamics. (varying grit)

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St. Louis, MO.
Jul 2006
5 years ago

I'm interested to know how you like that pedal.

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Sep 2002
2 years ago

Originally posted by chriscrob
I keep mine after most of my delays right now. Sometimes I like to get a nice wall of delay and then trem it. But for the most part i dont use the trem in conjunction with a lot of delay. I may have to move it up before the delays to see how it sounds.

i do this. i hate it the other way.

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Dec 2005
7 years ago

I'm a huge fan of tremolo before the delay. I can handle Tremolos set to a triangle LFo afterward, but never square. It's just to distinctly choppy.

It's also a blast to run two Trems in series, slightly off from each other. You can get some very laptop-ish sounds out of it.

One of my dream pedals is a tremolo that allows you to select certain frequencies to apply the Tremolo, while send the rest thru straight. I do this now by splitting the signal and using an EQ. Add on a Send Rate output and it would be THE Tremolo!

Now while we're on the subject of Tremolo - can someone please answer this question for me? WHY DO SO FEW TREMOLO PEDALS HAVE TAP TEMPO!? I think this is so strange. Granted, Tremolo became popular as an effect built into amps, where tap tempo wasn't really an option, but for a Tremolo stompbox it really makes no sense.

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