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Jan 2004
8 years ago

Whats the difference between a wah pedal and whammy pedal?

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Vancouver, B.C.
Sep 2003
1 year ago

wah = bandpass filter
whammy = pitchshifter

a wah is essentially a bandpass filter (think of it as a filter that kills everything higher than a certian point, but also kills everything lower than another point)... rocking it back and forth changes the position of the band it allows to pass through.

the whammy is a digital pitchshifter.

what is the difference? they're different effects.

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Good read

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Apr 2004
10 years ago

A wah goes "wah wah wah" and a Whammy does not go "whammy whammy whammy".

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Hamilton, Ontario
Sep 2002
1 year ago

wah effects the tone, whammy effects the pitch


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Greater London, UK
Oct 2003
9 years ago

Wah - listen to Jimi Hendrix

Whammy - listen to Tom Morello

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Nov 2003
8 years ago

haha its fun describing it

Wah goes Wah waaah Waaaaahhhhhh


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London, UK
Dec 2002
4 years ago


interesting indeed

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Hamilton, Ontario
Sep 2002
1 year ago

you can also make a whammy go "wEEEEEEEEEooooowwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEooooowwwwwww"
i'm sure that's on a rage against the machine album somewhere


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richmond, virginia
Oct 2002
2 years ago

ok guys, theres no way to give the sound of a whammy phonetically(spelling...).

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Look behind you...
Aug 2003
5 years ago

just listen to alvin chipmonk

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Dec 2003
9 years ago

k, for kewlest use IMO of wah, see Voodoo child by Jimi Hendrix, for kewlest use of whammy, see Searching by Joe Satriani

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