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New York, NY
Mar 2004
12 years ago

Should my dunlop crybaby wah come before or after compression? My rig is finally dialed in and everything sounds great. Now I was adding a wah to my setup, and I put it before the compression, and all of a sudden it was like I had half the sound. Now I hear the Crybaby's are notorious tone suckers - on or off, but it seemed to cut my output by half. Where should it go in the lineup, and is that just the sad truth of a wah w/o bypass?

BTW - I haven't tried it anywhere else in my rig. I was doing this late last night, and now I'm at work.



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Mar 2003
11 years ago

"Traditionally" Wah should come before Compressors but both ways have their merits. You should try it both ways and see which way sounds best to you.

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