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Nov 2005
8 years ago

I'd like to know what you're thinking about these pedals:

Marshall Jackhammer(JH-1)
Boss Metal Zone(MT-2)

If you have something to suggest, I have a Fender Twin Reverb, and I play Blues, Rock, and Metal. I'd like to have only one pedal with a wide range of distortions.


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St. Louis, MO
Sep 2005
8 years ago

People on hear seem to recommend the Visual Sounds "Jekyll and Hyde." I have not yet had the pleasure of trying one, but I have heard sound clips from musiciansfriend.com, and they sound really good.

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Aug 2005
10 years ago

If I had to choose, I would go with the Jackhammer. You can make it sound just like a Metal Zone, but the Marshall pedals are true bypass.

(updated 3-3-07)

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Nov 2005
7 years ago

i've never played with a Jackhammer but i have an mt-2 and with the help of my EQ pedal i can get every type of distortion from blues to death metal. its an amazin combo

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Nov 2005
11 years ago

I'd say go with the mt-2:)

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Mar 2005
8 years ago


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Aug 2005
10 years ago

Originally posted by Wylde_Overdrive
People on hear seem to recommend the Visual Sounds "Jekyll and Hyde."


Being a Twin owner myself, I can say that it seems to be very picky about the pedals that you feed it. i have tried the MT-2 into it and the results weren't pleasing. With the J&H you'd have a nice bypassed claen channel, great rock/blues overdrive with the Jeckyll side and then you could kick on the Hyde side eitherby itself or with the Jeckyll side for some ear splitting gain!!!


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Oct 2003
4 years ago

Originally posted by RawkerMan
If I had to choose, I would go with the Jackhammer. You can make it sound just like a Metal Zone, but the Marshall pedals are true bypass.

Are we going to have the true bypass vs. buffered bypass argument again and have to relearn that there isn't really much difference and how buffered bypasses can actually be more beneficial if placed correctly?


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Nov 2002
5 years ago

Jackhammer is less Icepicky

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Moncton, NB
Aug 2003
8 years ago

Jackhammer hands down.
More natural sounding.

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Alberta, Canada
Oct 2002
10 years ago

Hey, I have both of those pedals and a Twin amp. I modded my mt-2 though, so it's less sterile sounding, but even still, I like the jackhammer more. But one thing to consider is that the twin's eq stage is before the pre-amp, so you can't put alot of bass into the amp at high volumes or else it will get flabby and undefined.

So out of those two(stock) I think the jackhammer is a much better choice and it will do blues, rock and metal easily. Just be sure to keep the bass very low at high volumes.

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